Bibles attract a crowd

An exhibition of rare Bibles is attracting crowds of visitors to Ballymoney Museum this January.   The display coincides with the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible and even includes original pages from one of the first copies of this Bible, published back in 1611.  Many of the volumes were previously displayed in a highly successful exhibition at Garvagh Presbyterian Church and Ballymoney Borough Council is grateful for the opportunity to bring them to Ballymoney Museum.
The oldest volume on display is a 1585 Geneva Bible, an English translation that was written by exiled theologians who fled to Switzerland due to religious persecution.  The Geneva Bible is also sometimes known as the ‘Breeches’ Bible as the translation in Genesis 3:7 stated that “…they knew that they were naked, and they sewed fig tree leaves together, and made themselves breeches”.
Visitors can also see large pulpit Bibles from the early 1700s, beside examples of a Douey-Rhiems version published in 1810 and an 1827 copy of the Bible in Irish. Later examples include a WWII armour plated ‘Heart-Shield’ Bible, carried by American soldiers in their left breast pocket, and an American Masonic Bible from 1885 adorned on the cover with images of the All-Seeing Eye, Compass & Square and Solomon’s Temple.

Councillor Ian Stevenson, Mayor of Ballymoney, encouraged people of all faiths and congregations to come to the exhibition: “As a Christian, I have studied my Bible since I was a child at Sunday School.  I have often read about the origin of the Geneva translation and the King James Version but to see original copies of those Bibles was something I never thought I’d have the opportunity to do.  To have this remarkable collection on display in the Borough is wonderful and emphasises how important our museum is to this community.”

The exhibition continues at Ballymoney Museum, Ballymoney Town Hall until Saturday 29 January.  Opening hours are Monday – Thursday & Saturday 9am-5pm and Friday 9am-4.30pm.  Admission is free.  For further information, please contact Ballymoney Tourist Information, Ballymoney Town Hall, Townhead Street, Ballymoney, BT53 6BE Tel: 028 2766 0230 or Web: .

Bible Exhibition Bible Exhibition

Bible Exhibition