A haunting we will go.
Dare to travel back in time on our spinetingling walk from the Town Clock to the Old Graveyard, led by local Ulster Scots Chief, Gary Blair.  Hear the haunting tale of the town’s ghost, returning to the Town Hall for the errie performance of the play “The Ballad of Bloody Hutchinson”.
Speaking at the event launch, Council Development Chief, Bill Kennedy, said: “In the not too distant past, local people entertained themselves of an evening gathering in each other’s  homes to swap news, listen to music, sing and enjoy the craic of story telling… . who knows if all or any are based on actual events… many are connected to places … and we are pleased to bring you the haunting tale of the town’s ghost “Bloody” Hutchinson.”
Local magistrate, George Hutchinson, infamous for his “on the spot” death sentences of the United Irishmen, is buried in the Old Graveyard.  Also in the graveyard are the remains of United Irishman Alexander Gamble who was hanged at the Diamond in 1798.  Legend has it that every Friday 13th and Halloween night, with a large metal ball chained to his ankle “Bloody” Hutchinson haunts the town’s Main Street.
The spooky event takes place Monday 28th October, starting in the shadow of the Town Clock at 7.00 p.m.. Join us if you dare. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Booking advised. Tickets:  £3 available from Town Hall.