“The Project of Plantation” exhibition at Ballymoney Museum 22nd January
On Wednesday the Mayor of Ballymoney opened a new exhibition at Ballymoney Museum. “The Project of Plantation” exhibition explores the changes that occurred in our local area in the early 17th century when new settlers arrived from England, Wales and Lowland Scotland. This was an extraordinary time that introduced new laws, new religion, new ways of doing business and changed land ownership. It is a history that has had a profound influence on shaping our communities today.
“The Project of Plantation” exhibition engages with evidence that still exists in the local landscape, revealed by current archaeological research and excavation. The exhibition aims to challenge popular ideas about the important and contentious events of this period.
The “Project of Plantation” in the 17th century included a range of different schemes operating simultaneously. The modern counties of Londonderry and Antrim were both largely outside the scheme commonly outlined in text books.  
Featured in the exhibition are objects and images from Ballymoney, Coleraine, Limavady and Ballycastle museum collections alongside archaeological matereial from the Northern Ireland Environment and University of Ulster Centre for Maritime Archaeology.
The exhibition was created by Causeway Museum Service and Mid-Antrim Museums Service as part of the North East PEACE III Cultural Fusions Project.
The Project of Plantation exhibition runs in Ballymoney Museum from the 22nd January - 22nd March, Monday - Thursday & Saturday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm. Entrance is free.
The Project of Plantation will also be open on the evenings of Tuesday 21 January, Thursday 20 February, Wednesday 19 March from 7.30  - 9.00pm in support of the series of talks on THE PLANTER AND THE GAEL, organised by Ballymoney Museum. A member of Causeway Museum Service  will provide a tour of the exhibition and answer any questions  
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