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Thanks to Ballymoney Ancestry

Posted by: Ballymoney Genealogy Posted Date: 20/03/2009

I hope the Ballymoney Borough Council realizes how much people around the world, of Ballymoney ancestry, are so thankful for this site! - from a Ballymoney Ancestry user

No need to re-new your Membership

Posted by: Ballymoney Genealogy Posted Date: 03/09/2008

Over the past two weeks or so has been issuing e-mail notifications to members of the impending need to re-new their membership of the site to allow them to continue to participate in the Ancestry Forum and to receive the regular e-zines produced.

This is an automated request and is a default function of the Forum software, which we were not aware, was built into the system. However we have been able to override the need for existing members to re-new their membership with the result that if you receive such an e-mail from us you can disregard it, your membership will not cease.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this e-mail may have caused you. We trust that it has not detracted in any way from your enjoyment in or value of using the site. Should you have any queries, comments or problems please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at