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1804-1810 George Millar's list of Ballymoney inhabitants

"I, George Millar, the compiler of this list, was born in Ballymoney, 22nd December 1797. I resided there till the beginning of 1837. I am now residing in Belfast, where I write this in October 1871, having nearly completed my 74th year. Being frequently recalling my young days and early acquaintances to mind, I find I have a vivid recollection of both, indeed more clear than I have of more recent events. Such being the case, to test my memory I jot down my recollection of the town and its inhabitants as I knew them between the years 1804 and 1810. I believe the list to be pretty correct; there may be some inaccuracies, but I think they are few and of little importance.

Should this writing be preserved for 40 or 50 years (which I hope it may), I flatter myself that it will be considered of some little value, at least should it fall into the hands of a descendant of one of the old inhabitants.... " Religions are abbreviated as 'Epis' or Episcopalian, Church of Ireland; 'Meth' or Methodist; 'Pres' or Presbyterian; 'RC' or Roman Catholic.

(268 names with street and occupation)

NB At this time Charlotte Street was known as Pyper/Piper Row

As listed in the Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Vol.16, 2nd series, (1910) pp.101-107