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Posted by: Ballymoney Genealogy Posted Date: 07/12/2007

Site user statistics recorded since the uploading of the revised format users of have indicated that regular users of the site have become increasingly comfortable with the new format and are increasing the number of visits and length of time they are spending on the site researching local family histories.

Whilst a number of technical difficulties have been encountered by users since the new site was uploaded in July, the number of visits to the site by regular users has increased from just over 225 per day to just over 400 per day whilst time spent by all visitors to the site has increased from just over 2 minutes to nearly 4 minutes per visit. These figures refer to those expressly logging on to the site and ignore the very significantly higher number of daily random hits on the site.

We accept that for some users exceptional difficulties have been encountered with the new technologies employed on the site and we would apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. However the new platform allows much more control of the look, feel and functionality of the site, ensuring that the site also now conforms to the latest internet security technologies and government accessibility legislation.

We will therefore continue to work to further improve the site and would welcome your continued input to assist us achieve that objective. Any comments can either be uploaded as a response to this BLOG, posted on the ‘Post a Message’ forum or even by e-mail on, the problem on which should be remedied soon.

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Posted by: mitchell Posted Date: 23/02/2008
i lived at saecon until i was 12 yrs old and went to school at the model ballymoney i never knew the town had a museum i do remember the clnema and the icecream parlour called hughes i think i also remember there was a dairy opposite the school i enjoyed looking at the town it would be nice if i could see what seacon looks like now
Posted by: eric Posted Date: 14/12/2007
I see the required code is now gone so will see if posting is now successful.
Posted by: eric Posted Date: 09/12/2007
I don't seem able to post comments here.